Using NXtelin C Spect

Mike Dailly's CSpect emulator makes it very easy to try out NXtel. The CSpect download archive includes the NXtel client, from version 2.7 onwards.

For Windows users, the NXtel.bat file offers the easiest way to start. It will launch CSpect with the correct command line options to configure the emulator for Spectrum Next mode and to auto-start NXtel:

CSpect.exe -sound -w2 -zxnext -mmc=.\ NXtel.nex

Note that this command line doesn't work launching CSpect from Powershell.

CSpect can run on a Mac or Linux under Mono. In this environment, the command line needs to be adjusted to use the UNIX path separator:

Mono CSpect.exe -sound -w2 -zxnext -mmc=./ NXtel.nex

The CSpect archive does not contain a NXtel.cfg file, but one will be created automatically upon first use.


Under CSpect, the Symbol-Shift key is mapped to the < key on a standard keyboard. To enter the "*" character you press < + B (B being the key upon which the asterisk character appears on the classic Spectrum keyboard). Under Windows at least, the right Shift key is also an alias for Symbol-Shift.

As when using NXtel on a Spectrum Next, the Enter key will send the "#" character required at the end of the familiar *000# sequence.

| Keystroke | Action | | --- | --- | | < + B | Type "" | | Right-shift + B | Type "" | | Enter | Next page / "#" | | Left-Shift + Space | Disconnect and return to menu |

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